What do you really want this summer? {Annual Summer Bucket List Template}

You started your business not only to serve the world but also to create a lifestyle that supports the kind of freedom that you want.

Then maybe somewhere along the way you’ve realized that your life has become your business and your business IS your life. 

Somehow, it started seeping into your evenings meant for family time, spilling over into Sunday brunch while getting packed in with your bathing suit on holidays….

Recently, the travel restrictions lifted here in BC, so my son and I packed the truck and headed to Shuswap Lake to visit my family for the first time in more months than I can count.

The decision to go was non-negotiable…the experience was still to be determined. 

As a recovering workaholic, there was a time that I would have taken the trip however, I would have taken my business along for the ride.

Not because I really needed to but because that’s just who I was, how I ran my business and the story that I lived.

As the ferry left the dock, it was a powerful reminder that as much as I love my work, I didn’t start this business for it to be my life, I did so as a vehicle to serve the world and support my capacity to thrive in my life.

And how essential taking real breaks are!

Over the last year, a lot changed and for many the lines between business, work and life have blurred. Bedrooms became offices, kitchen tables turned into classrooms, bathrooms are now everyone’s not so secret escape rooms.

As things start to open up and we collectively and individually emerge from this last year, it’s time to pause and reevaluate how much your business is supporting you to truly live your life and clean up those blurry boundaries.

So that you can take the breaks that you need, clear your mind, nourish your body and rebuild your capacity to be fully present for it all.

Starting with this next season…

Summer is here in this part of the world and every year I send out the invitation to create Your Summer Bucket List.

Your Summer Bucket List is not just a list of things to do. This template guides you through a super short series of simple questions so you are crystal clear on the experiences you want, how you really want to feel and what you actually want to spend your time doing.

You can use it personally, with your team or your family to help you create intention, focus and clear up those blurry lines.

This simple template includes:

  • Your Summer Theme (adventure, rejuvenate, family, creative).
  • How You’re Devoted to Feeling (joyful, free, abundant, creative).
  • What You Want To Do (to support your desired experience)

    Your Summer Bucket List is a Google Document. Simply click Make a Copy to add it to your drive and fill it in.)

Here’s to stepping back into the world with ease and a summer that truly fuels you.