13 Year Anniversary {Celebration giveaway worth over $2,000}

July is my birthday month and also marks 13 years in this business and what a beautiful, challenging, deeply meaningful and wild adventure it’s been!

It all started with “What IF this is possible…”

Then one small inspired decision and action at a time, here I am.

There were years, months and days that I knew exactly where I was going and then seasons filled with unknowns.

That’s when I did the only thing to do…remembered and re-anchored in why I started in the first place, then took a million deep breaths and chose to keep showing up until the wind picked up, cleared the fog and guided me into the next incredible part of the journey.

That’s what being an entrepreneur is…the greatest, toughest invitation to keep saying YES. Then somewhere along the way you realize you’re becoming all of who you truly are.

It’s impossible to summarize over a decade of doing this work, the incredible moments, the deep connections, the high fives, 180 degree turns, rabbit holes, lessons learned and choosing to rise time and again.

However, one of the most powerful questions I ask myself almost daily is What do I know for sure?

So, as I reflect on this, I thought I would share seven things I know for sure are essential to create a thriving business:

(1) YOU are the driving force behind your business. Who you are, how you show up, your values, the stories you hold, what you believe to be possible, your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health all directly impacts your capacity to have the experience you deeply desire and your business success. That means investing time, energy and resources into doing the personal work that takes care of the business of YOU.

(2) You are 
not your business. Your business is the vehicle in which you serve the world. Once you truly understand this and shift your relationship to create a defined degree of separation between you and that business of yours, it will put you in the driver’s seat, makes everything easier and your business will quickly grow!

(3) You must specifically define success on your terms or you’ll spend your life chasing someone else’s dream. Until you do, you’ll be stuck in a cycle of scarcity and the never enoughsGet crystal clear about how you want to feel and what success looks like for YOU! Then TAKE ACTION AS IF your business and life are already as you want it to be. Be who you want to be. Do what needs to be done. And you will have what you most desire. It’s hands down the fastest way to close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

(4) Get your money figured out now. Unless you have mistakenly called your hobby a business then it’s time to create financial independence! Educate yourself, shift your stories and sort out your numbers! Pay yourself first and stop working so hard to spend money on things that don’t truly bring value to your business and your life!

(5) Build your rock star team. Don’t waste your time struggling on your own! It’s a lot more efficient, profitable, meaningful and fun to surround yourself with experts and amazing humans with aligned values who are highly invested in your success and will support you stay in your genius zone and make a deeper impact. We are not meant to do this alone!

(6) Stand in your values and don’t try to be all things to all people. The faster you get super clear and embrace wholeheartedly who you are, your values, what you (and your business) are brilliant at and identify your best dance partners, the easier it will be for you to market your magic and attract your ideal customers and clients.

(7) Get those systems in place. Whether it’s planning and time management, money, production, client on-boarding or marketing – your systems are the key to your freedom. Systems are not difficult, they just take a bit of time and a learning curve but they have a huge ROI! Build them to scale and support where you are going!

So, to celebrate this month, I’m doing my biggest giveaway yet through Instagram and inviting you to celebrate your fellow business besties!


It Includes:

  • 2 Hour Road Mapping Strategy Session with moi. {Value: $747} This is a deep dive into your business, vision and goals. to create a plan and strategies for you to move into that next level of success. You’ll receive resources to support your next steps and a 30 minute follow up call.
  • The DDA Method Program {Value: $597} You’ll learn this powerful method and planning system! You’ll get organized, shift your limiting stories, build your skills and confidence to consistently make empowered decisions and actions so you get the results that actually matter.
  • The DDA Planner {Value: $90} You’ll receive the exclusive, beautiful hard cover, planner sent right to your doorstep!
  • The Entrepreneurs’ Money Immersion Program Live {Value: $797} Join the next live program session so you finally shift your relationship to money, understand your numbers and create money habits that keep you on track.
  • The DDA Manifesto Journal {Your dreams are priceless} So you anchor in your dreams, desired experiences and priorities daily.
  • The Practice The Art Of Receiving Panties – Yes, you read that correctly 🙂 {Value: $21} You will only attract what you’re open to receiving and these super fun, cheeky underwear will make you smile while anchoring in this essential practice.

Head on over to THIS POST ON INSTAGRAM and follow the steps! Your business besties and you will be put into the random draw.

I am beyond grateful for the incredible people that I have in my world and the community that I am honoured to be a part of!

With all my heart, thank you!