Your FREE Year End Refection Workbook. A MUST before planning 2022!

With the transition into winter and this year coming to a close brings a powerful invitation to go within.

To reflect, gather information and a much greater understanding of what you’re truly being called to focus on, so you can clear your path of what no longer serves you and step into new possibilities.

“We don’t learn from experience, we learn from reflecting on experience.” – John Dewey

So, before you dive into your plans for next year, take the time to gather the priceless insights that are waiting for you.

Over the last several years, hundreds of folx have done the annual {FREE} DDA YEAR END WRAP.

You’ll receive a short video that walks you through this powerful process and a rich workbook to complete.

You will…

  • Explore what worked this year and honour what didn’t
  • Unveil the lessons and celebrate the journey
  • Understand what got in your way
  • Clear your path for the year to come
  • Know what you want to carry forward into 2022

You’ll bring a deep sense of closure to this year which we all need.

The beautiful thing is that you can do this anytime over the coming weeks and invite your partner or friend to join you!

It’s a powerful, fun, meaningful way to deeply connect with yourself and someone close. ‍

My clients share with me time and again that this is by far one of their favourite, most valuable exercises as it provides so much insight, clarity, and confidence.

It’s still also one of my favourite steps to wrapping my year.

CLICK HERE for direct access!

December is often a very full month.

Here’s to more ease, a deep sense of closure and clarity as you bring this year to a close.