That Call You Can’t Ignore Any Longer

That call you can’t ignore any longer…
Sometimes visions and ideas arrive like lightening in the winter… bold, fierce and unmistakable.
Yet often they shine through slowly like the sun reveals itself as a gentle summer wind parts the clouds.
Regardless of the season, at some point you’ll feel the call you can’t ignore any longer…. knowing it’s time to lean deep into the expansion.
What happens when you finally say YES and shift from being interested in your dreams to becoming wholeheartedly devoted to building a thriving business and a life you love?
First, you’re going to feel the excitement dance alongside the friction as the old way of doing things crumbles and you learn new moves.
Your non-negotiable priorities quickly rise to the top of your list as you say NO to everything that no longer serves you.
You’ll start changing those outdated stories and often find yourself in an incredibly fulfilling, focused flow.
And when you hit the hard bumps (which you will) and want to give up… you’ll choose to take another deep breath and double down on the work at hand.
This whole thing will be risky business on many levels which will require that you make radical trust in yourself your best friend.
You’ll call on them often.
And somewhere along the journey you’re going to start to notice the magic…
The answer to your question. The unexpected opportunities. The money that comes through. The clients that show up. The invitation that puts you exactly where you’re meant to be.
The wild and wonderful things that happen, helping you on your quest.
And in the end when your product is launched, you’re holding your book in your hand, standing on stage, hanging your art, your debt is paid off, your program is filled, you’re on that dream vacation,…
You’re going to realize… that you’re living that vision and it was just the catalyst for you to expand into the person that you already are, making a greater impact in the world.
Whatever your vision or idea is, you’re never going to feel ready…. but you are.
And it’s waiting for you to say YES.