What if your Measuring Stick is Broken? {Free Exclusive Template}

I love a good list.

That feeling you get when you check that box…
Or maybe you like to run a line through the item?

Confession – I’m both. 

I check the box and cross off the item.

The temporary dopamine spike feels goooood and comes as fast as it goes.

But that’s okay because there are always more things on the list.

Do the thing. Check the box.
Reach the goal. Check the box.
Buy the dream. Check the box.

In fact there are so many things on that list that they always outnumber the checks in the box.

Not only that, we’re wired to focus on the empty ones.

And if the boxes are all you’re paying attention to then you’re missing many of the real measurements of growth and success…

  • Setting that boundary
  • Shifting that limiting scarcity story
  • Saying NO to that distraction
  • Shutting it down when you’re exhausted
  • Listening to your intuition and saying YES to that opportunity

These are the game changing shifts in identity, decisions and actions where the transformation, momentum and traction truly happens and they’re rarely on your to do list.

What if the reason you often feel like you’re failing or falling behind is because your measuring stick is broken?

Would you experience more success if you started gathering the evidence that proved that you’re in fact doing amazing at building your business and being human? 

One of my favourite templates is The DDA Measurements of Success An awesome tool to measure and track your growth in a whole new way. Click here, make a copy and experience the difference. 

If you have questions or want to connect please reach out!

And let me know what you think of your new measurements of success. 

Here’s to throwing out that broken stick!