The Return on your Investment

How you measure your success is based entirely on what you value – the tangible and the intangible. The numbers and your experience.

So, let’s talk about the kinds of return on your investment you can expect when you, as an entrepreneur step into an empowered relationship with money and make your financial independence non-negotiable.

  • You stop wasting your precious time, energy and money chasing quick fix solutions and shiny objects
  • You start making empowered, strategic decisions that build your business and trust in yourself
  • Your anxiety dramatically decreases because you have a plan and know exactly what your next steps are
  • You stop de-valuing yourself and your work so you generate more revenue
  • You experience synchronicity and abundance as you become more open to receive opportunities
  • You have more focus because your money systems and habits make it easier to work on the right things
  • Your boundaries with your clients, team and your family improve as you clean up the outdated stories running the show
  • You have more money, economic and energetic power to do MORE good in the world

The Entrepreneurs’ Money Immersion registration closes on Sunday.

Here’s the kind of return on your investment you can expect.

“The DDA Money Course gave me a completely different perspective on my finances and has been the most impactful! I have doubled my revenue, raised my rates, have clarity of where I’m at and a plan for my future.” – Julie Starsage, Acupuncturist

“I reached my revenue goals, have consistent weekly money dates and know how to shift my money stories. If you want to start truly building a new empowered relationship with money – this is for you!”  Caroline Carson, Luxury Real Estate Agent

“I reached my revenue goals yet the biggest shifts were around working through my money and “being seen” stories which is why my income increased. The internal benefits are just as profound as the external.” – Melissa Teel Hartman, Heart and Soul Healing Arts

My intention was to make the program accessible which is why it’s only 3 payments of $150. (More than half off the full investment.)

If you dive in and do the work, in six weeks there is a very good chance that you will easily exceed that in return, you’ll feel very different about your money and you might be surprised at what starts to unfold.

If want a peek into the program here is BEHIND THE SCENES video that will give you a clear idea of what’s included.

If you feel called to join us, I encourage you to lean into the resistance and SAY YES anyways because that’s when things truly start to change.

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* FREE WORKSHOP: If you want to experience part of the program and you missed The Free Money Story Workshop, here is DIRECT ACCESS to the replay.

** LISTEN IN (15 Mins): I had a great time doing an IG Live with Carla Contreras last week where we jammed on all things money and entrepreneurship HERE.

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