ditch the stories before you throw out that crazy idea!

Next week the DDA Product Store will launch. 

In the past three years I’ve been quietly creating products behind the scenes.  

Each one is specifically designed to be a practical and inspiring tool to help you stay fiercely focused on what matters the most – to you!

It all started with the DDA Manifesto, then two years in the making the DDA Planner came to fruition with the new collection out this fall.

After that I created the beautiful Manifesto Journal and Greeting Cards and somewhere along the way I decided that chocolate was an essential part of running a business and the DDA collection.

Then came the “Do Something Different” line of products that all started with a tiny idea from a broken heart while I was laying on my living room floor watching my world fall apart.  

There are more tools on the design roster including an awesome Manifesto Colouring Playbook and Panties. Yes, you read that correctly. DDA underwear. You’ll totally understand why when you see them 🙂

Each and every time I’ve had one of these crazy ideas I’ve felt that pure rush of energy, desire and fire to create and make an impact. And almost without fail, what follows are the dream crushing stories of what’s NOT possible. 

In this case mine sounded like…

Leah, you’re a business and life strategist not a clothing designer.
You don’t know how to do this.
You’re going to waste your time and money.
It’s a silly idea and no one is going to want this.

You see the outdated stories – the subconscious beliefs you hold to be true are designed to keep you safe by keeping you exactly where you are. And at some point in your life you developed them for a very important reason. Your stories are not inherently bad – they are often just not serving you anymore and will create blocks, resistance, overwhelm, pain and frustration.  

And when you start to expand that vision of what’s possible, move closer to your goals or step into a new way of living your life or running your business is precisely when they show up.  

Here’s to taking that crazy idea of yours off the shelf and seeing what happens.