Free LIVE Training: How to SHIFT your stories and create lasting change in your life

If you’re frustrated and tired of it being so hard to create change in your world this one’s for you!

I talk a lot about the stories we hold to be true because the truth is that those subconscious beliefs are a huge part of what’s standing between where you are now and what you truly desire… more freedom, money, time, health, connection.

Stories like…

  • You have to struggle and work hard 24/7 to achieve anything. 
  • You can’t be creative and  financially successful. 
  • It’s not okay to shine too brightly!
  • There is never enough time. 

You can have the most well thought out plan (business, financial, marketing, health etc.) and the best intentions but if your stories don’t support the actions you need to take – you’ll wind up stuck, living your very own personal version of Groundhog Day.

What’s worse is that unless you learn how to SHIFT the stories that no longer serve you, you’ll continue to attract circumstances that reinforce them. 

The brilliant thing about being human is that you absolutely have the power to change your stories. How cool is that!  

You simply need to know HOW to do it and be devoted to taking inspired imperfect action.  

After years of wrangling my own stories and working with client’s and their stories – I developed a profoundly simple and effective method called The DDA SHIFT Method. 

It’s a step by step, rinse and repeat process that WORKS. 

“The SHIFT Method has helped me get out of my own way more times than I can count. It’s a simple to learn yet tremendously powerful tool for personal transformation and professional growth.” – Tzaddi Gordon, Design Strategist

“I’ve used the DDA SHIFT Method for five years. It’s been a game changer. It works with my internal dialogue and stories of limitation, as well as my interactions with others whether professionally or with my teenage daughters. The more you SHIFT the faster the process works and soon it’s second nature.” 
– Krystin Clark, Award Winning Author and Speaker

I can honestly say that this is hands down one of the most powerful methods I’ve developed over the last 20 years. 

So, here’s your invitation to join me on June 21st for THE DDA SHIFT Method Training. It’s FREE! And nope there’s NO stings or sales pitch at the end of it!  

When we wrap the training we will kick off a 5 day, fun Do Something Different Challenge to focus on implementing what you’ve learned because taking action is essential to creating change. And I get to give away a bunch of new DDA Products that were a direct result of a personal story that I changed about what’s possible in my world. (More on that in the next dispatch.) 

If you want different results then you’ve simply got to do something different… so CHECK IT OUT AND SAY YES! 
This may be the only time I run this in 2019. If you can’t make the date live – it’s recorded so sign up anyways!