The Non-Negotiable Deal

Several years ago I set a big goal with a super short deadline. 

I committed to creating, launching and running my first large business retreat with twelve weeks to pull it off.

I knew that I was asking a lot of myself with a tremendous number of moving pieces that had to come together to make it happen.

I believed in the event and my ability to pull it off however, I didn’t know if I could do it without feeling stressed out and running myself ragged. 

So, I when I made the decision I added a very specific non-negotiable clause in my agreement with myself.

I called it THE DEAL.

THE DEAL was that I would measure the success of the event not only by the experience and results for the participants but also by how good I felt during the entire process.

And if I couldn’t show up, maintain my capacity to thrive and have some fun during those twelve weeks then I would never run another event. Period.  

So here’s what happened:

When I was tired – I chose to take a deep breath and ask for help.  
When I wanted to skip my workout or lunch – I’d catch myself and get down to the business of self care.    
When I got overwhelmed with details – I shifted my stories, reviewed my plans and focused on making small imperfect steps forward.

And every time I got way to serious about it all, I found a way to lighten up, lean into trust and remember that the universe has my back. 

It was a game changer. THE DEAL WORKED. 

Since then I have run several events, launched many programs and I just wrapped The DDA Academy Annual Retreat at the same stunning waterfront resort I held that first big one. 

And YES, one of the biggest cliche’s ever is that…. It’s the journey not the destination.  Well, that’s because it’s the truth. 

Here’s THE (real) DEAL… as harsh as this may sound, if you’re not having a good time on the path you are on then it’s time to do some things differently so you have a new experience or change course.

I’ve had countless opportunities over this last month to feel stressed, overwhelmed and let my stories drag me right down the rabbit hole. 
I certainly haven’t woken up every morning feeling on top of the world because let’s get real….who does?!? I’ve had to wrangle, reschedule and do some internal and external dances to pull things off but here’s the thing… 

Each and every day we wake up with a decision to make to be intentional in how we show up, what we choose to experience and what we are going to do about it when we get derailed.

The happiest, most productive people I know don’t have an easier life, less work or fewer rabbit holes – they have just made their own non-negotiable deals about what’s important to them. 

What if a thriving life and business all starts with redefining success not just by the check marks on your to do list or how well you do at work but by how good YOU FEEL at the end of each day?  

Now, I know it’s not always easy to change the way do things which is why in June I’m going to hold a free – no strings training and share the specific method I’ve used for years to put yourself more fully in the driver’s seat so it’s easier to create the experience you so deeply crave. Stay tuned. 

And in the meantime, check out this short video I posted on Facebook the morning of my event and consider what non-negotiable deal you are ready to make with yourself!