That “not enough” story is the biggest one holding you back

That story of “not being enough” is one of the biggest stories holding you back from what you most want in your life, work or business.

It silently weaves it’s way into your experiences, the decisions you make and the actions you take…. or more accurately it’s often the ones you don’t.

The not enoughs….

I am not thin enough to post that marketing video.
I am not fun enough to go to that party.
I am not smart enough to apply for that job.
I am not attractive enough to go on that date.
I don’t know enough to start that business.
I am not young enough to try that spin class.

Guess what your stories are doing? They are totally working!

You are 100% making decisions and taking actions in alignment with what you believe.

But what if your stories are NOT TRUE? (Insert record scratch)

What if 99% of our “not enoughness” is not accurate?

What would happen if you shifted even just ONE of your stories and started taking actions based on a new story?

You might post that video and connect with a new amazing client.
You might go to that party, have the best time and meet someone special.
‍You might start testing out your new business idea and two years down the road quit your day job.

You’re whole experience of what’s possible would change.

You would start building trust and confidence in yourself.

And the world would start reflecting the TRUTH back to you.

We know it works!

The only decision to make is which record you choose to play.

There isn’t a single person I know who doesn’t have some kind of “not enough” story they are dancing with. Just listen to an episode of The Oprah Show or a Brene Brown talk. And that’s just one of the stories we dance with. 

If the “not enough time” is ringing a bell then check out this episode that just came out where Jamie and Tara of the THRIVE TALKS PODCAST and I talk about our relationship with time, strategies to create more and why I think balance is bullshit.

If you are interested in knowing more, reach out! I would love to dance with you.