Reclaim your most valuable resources

Last week I went on holiday to Osoyoos… the hottest place in B.C.

We went horseback riding, on a wine tour and had a lot of time to pause and reflect. It was so good. 

It took a few days to unwind and then while we waded knee deep on horseback in the lake… an old insight landed like a rock does into the water and the ripples have been significant.  

The simple and big truth that we consistently waste our most valuable resources. Our time and attention are being eroded away on stuff that seriously doesn’t matter or make a single difference in the quality and experiences of our lives and work. 

Sometimes it’s stepping out and doing something different,  the way someone asks an old question or by taking the essential time you need to pause and reflect that gives you the chance to remember what matters the most!

We do not learn from experience … we learn from reflecting on experience. – John Dewey

Here’s what I know for sure…

* I have family and friends that I want to spend time with and a kid that will be leaving for university in the blink of an eye. 
* There are things dear to my heart that need attention and important, exciting work to be done. 
* There are more trail rides to go on and wild adventures to be had. 

We often know what’s important but whether we take action can be a whole different story. 

For the rest of this year, I’m taking a stand and saying NO THANK YOU to the million ways this world is vying for my attention and I’m raising the bar on how I spend my time.  

Here are just a few of the ways I’m reclaiming these priceless resources…  

* I’m taking care of my real priorities first in the day
* I’m doubling down on boundaries
* I’m unsubscribing from newsletters, closing down groups and setting timers for social media 
* I’m streamlining my systems and hiring more support
* And I’m simplifying, throwing stuff out and taking care of unfinished business 

This is your invitation to join me. 

Please, stop for just a few minutes, interrupt your patterns and take stock of where you are now. Acknowledge all that you have accomplished, identify what truly rocks your world so you spend the second half of the year fiercely focused on what matters the most TO YOU!

Download and fill out your  MIDYEAR REFLECTION WORKBOOK  so that clarity, ideas and important insights have a chance to land. Type right into this editable template or print it and hand write your answers. * VERY IMPORTANT* Make sure you download the template to your desktop and re-open it before typing into the fields, otherwise, your content won’t save.

And in case you are feeling a little behind in life, as we often do, this workbook is also going to help you unveil that you have done way more than you think you have and that you… and all that you do, is more than enough!