Three simple, powerful ways to transition from summer to fall with focus and ease

As you navigate the final days of summer it’s easy to feel unfocused and tuckered out from the dance of the season – as wonderful as it may have been.
Add to that the niggling pressure that seems to rise at this time of year, knowing that you are already well into the second half with important things to get done.
We don’t tend to talk enough about transitions, give them the recognition that they require or get clear on the specific things that you can do to make them easier to navigate. We have high expectations about how quickly we should be able to shift gears from one season…. job, relationship or task to the next.
So, if you are feeling in a bit of limbo, take heart that you are not alone. Here are three simple, powerful things you can do to bring this season to completion and move into the fall with more focus and ease.

(1) Get really clear on how you want to feel as you wrap the summer. Keep your desired experience at the forefront of your daily focus by writing it down each morning and posting it where you can see it. 

(2) Create a simple nourishment plan to re-fuel yourself so you don’t start September wiped out. The heat, a few extra ciders, late summer nights and navigating kids or visitors can zap your energy. Choose three things that you are going to do OR stop doing over the next 10 days to increase your energy. Go to bed earlier, commit to a few hikes, drink more water… whatever is easy for you. 

(3) Make a planning date with yourself and put it in your calendar. Commit to a specific time to pause, reflect and get really clear on what matters the most. You’ll notice that as soon as you make the date, you will feel a great sense of relief knowing that you have the time you need to land before launching into the fall. 

* If you haven’t done so already, the  MIDYEAR REFLECTION WORKBOOK   if perfect for taking stock, gathering insights and getting super clear on your next steps. Type right into this editable template or print it and handwrite your answers. * VERY IMPORTANT* Make sure you download the template to your desktop and re-open it before typing into the fields, otherwise, your content won’t save.

If you want some help identifying those business and life goals and learning some key tools to create more time and focus to achieve them, stay tuned as next week you’ll receive an invitation to join a free workshop in September. 

And finally, you might just want to write this question on a sticky note and post it on your desktop, mirror or fridge as a reminder to keep asking yourself… “How can I make this easy?”

Here’s to making transitions feeling a whole lot more centered, empowered and open.