Stop making money mean something it’s not

The narrative you choose around money has a huge impact on your financial independence.

You can craft stories that continue the cycle of scarcity and self sabotage or ones that empower you to step into financial freedom.

You get to choose the meaning the money holds.

That $50,000 debt you incurred from your divorce could directly reflect the betrayal, anger and loss of time, quite literally eroding your wellbeing and confidence for decades.

Or it could be the small price you paid for setting yourself free to live a life in alignment and abundance.

That contract you worked so hard on for six months, that didn’t give you the return you expected could be the evidence you need to affirm that you’re always on the wrong end of the stick.

Or you could take those hard earned lessons, apply them to your next contract and double your revenue.

You could attach your self worth to literally every dollar you make, every client who says yes, every product you sell…

Or you could recognize that the numbers are JUST numbers.

Money is a tool, a vehicle, an energy force that needs a certain degree of separation in order for it to serve you.

It requires that you unweave the threads of limiting beliefs and emotions that are deeply intertwined and replace them with new stories and healthy attachment.

When you do, you’ll see things differently, take greater responsibility, make smarter decisions, take aligned actions and get better results!

And you’ll finally get off the endless rollercoaster ride.

“I was really struggling with numbers in every way. Once I began to see what was really happening with my business I realized I’d been worried unnecessarily about some aspects of my finances.

Practicing Leah’s methods, I quickly began to break down my money blocks and challenged myself to start attracting big numbers, setting a goal of 1,000 sign ups to a webinar.

By applying Leah’s words, “It’s only a number” to everything from registrations to conversion rates and sales I began to feel excited as my webinar registrations grew to 800+ sign ups… and I celebrated $30K in revenue for my launch! I now feel empowered and confident as I continue to grow and scale. ” – Nicole Breit

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