How are you going to feel on December 31st?

It’s already the first week of September.

With my son’s first full day of high school (repeat high school!!! 🙂 ) yesterday, I’ve been thinking about how quickly life can seem to happen, about our time and how we spend it.

As I write this to you, I know …

  • Two incredibly brave women literally running from Germany to Italy on a 7 day race across the Alps.
  • An adventuring soul making art and connections in Florence.
  • A mom who is sitting down to get the words on paper for the book that is calling her.  
  • An entrepreneur pouring her heart and soul into launching her next course.
  • A woman tending to her new garden and later she will make the most nourishing meal for her family. 

So, what do these humans have in common?

At some point in time, they made some very important, non-negotiable decisions about their time and what they were going to do with it.  

They re-prioritized big and small parts of their lives, work and businesses so they could focus on creating the experiences they most desired and reach the goals that mattered most to them.

I am going to be bold and ask you to do the same. Right now. 

I want you to…

  • Decide how you are going to feel on December 31st!  
  • Get crystal clear on the shift, change or goal that is going to have you saying YES!!!! at the end of this year! 
  • Wipe out the distractions that are going to get in the way and reclaim your time!  

And if you are devoted to making some real changes this fall then please consider joining me next Friday, September 16th, for YOUR 90 DAY ROAD MAP WORKSHOP!

In one deep dive, super fun, productive day, you will: 

  • get crystal clear on your non-negotiable priorities
  • complete your 90 DAY ROAD MAP 
  • create a routine and schedule that ensures that you are focused on what matters the most
  • receive bonus access to the entire ROAD MAPPING WEBINAR SERIES 

The entire day is recorded if you aren’t able to make it live. It’s still absolutely worth signing up!

I made this super accessible at only $47.00 and you can bring a friend for FREE!  Why? Because quite frankly, I know what it takes to climb a mountain, to finally go on that trip, to launch a program, to write a book, to nourish your family …. and I know that this workshop will help you feel and do whatever IT is for you!


To a fall filled with whatever YOU desire most! 


PS. If you register by the end of September 10th then you will be entered to win a spot in ROOT TO RISE this fall! ROOT TO RISE is a 3 month, online program with my soul sister Georgia Cyr that will NOURISH your body through yoga, SOOTHE your mind through meditation, learn super simple, yet powerful, tools to NURTURE your relationship with yourself, your loved ones, and the broader community and environment around you and EXPERIENCE more presence, ease and joy in your daily life.