The ONE super secret thing that changed it all…is such BS

I’ve been a business owner for a very long time… almost three decades!

I know what it takes to show up every day and keep saying YES to your dream.

For years, I was a workaholic wasting time chasing quick fix solutions and measuring my self esteem by how many boxes I checked off my list. I didn’t have the capacity, clarity or energy I needed to truly thrive in my life.

I burnt out several times over in more than one country.

Now, this is where I am supposed to insert THE ONE big super secret thing that changed it all… but you and I both know, that’s NOT how it works.

Designing a thriving business and a full meaningful life doesn’t happen overnight or by following someone else’s top ten tips for success.

When I landed back in Canada as a new mom with an urgent desire to focus on my real priorities, I dove deep into understanding what it takes to build healthy, profitable businesses, and to live in alignment.

As I started working intimately with clients, each struggling with their own version of that endless cycle of working too much, for too little and losing sight of their dreams, I knew something at the core was missing.

It wasn’t just a strategic plan, financial management system, marketing strategy or a holiday they needed… these were all just pieces of a larger puzzle.

What was required was a whole new way of showing up, running their businesses, and prioritizing their lives.

An expanded vision of possibility, a refined definition of success, and a new set of CEO skills and tools to get them there.

So, I spent several years keenly observing the patterns of what showed up, what worked (and didn’t), and how to approach each next step.

Through this research and 20 + years of experience, The DEFINE DESIGN ALIGN Method emerged and is the foundation of The DDA BUSINESS ACADEMY.

It’s what drives the results that have empowered hundreds of discerning entrepreneurs to reclaim their time, build their confidence, create greater financial independence, and have a deeper impact in the world.

Stepping into actually being the driving force in my business and life was a game changer.

Which is why I’m so passionate about sharing specifically how to do this with others.

The last 18 months has given us all pause to really consider how we spend our time and the impact we want to make through our businesses.

If you’ve been with me for any length of time, you know that I’m obsessed with great questions because the quality of your experience and results stems from the questions you ask yourself.

Here’s one of the most important ones...

WHY? Why do you do what you do? What desires are really behind that business of yours?

When you’re deeply anchored in your WHY it will elevate every decision you make and action you take.

Take a moment right now and remember… YOUR WHY!

Here’s to rooting deeper into what matters the most so you transform that dream into your reality.