Why you’re struggling to grow your business

Like many, I’m an accidental business owner who’s journey started in a bright blue 90’s fitness bodysuit.

At 16 years old, struggling with my health and self esteem, I joined the local fitness center.

There I met an incredible instructor who took my fragile teenage self under her wings and within a year, I’d made the decision to become a personal trainer so I could help to empower others.

Most entrepreneurs don’t start out wanting to run a business. They have a passion and a gift that they’re called to share with the world.

The business just happens to be the vehicle to do it.

However, there are so many moving pieces to running a business that the business itself can become the greatest challenge, getting in the way of doing what you love most.

As an accidental business owner, often you simply don’t know what you don’t know, so decision making and prioritizing is difficult and overwhelming.

Do I rebrand now or hire an assistant?
Should I take that accounting course?
Do I say YES to the consulting contract or launch my program?
How much should I invest in a website?
Do I focus on building systems or spend my time on social media?
How do I raise my rates or do I go get that J.O.B.?

Right now, I don’t know the specific reasons why you’re struggling with your business because everyone’s situation is unique.

But I do know that you 
will find your answers in the gaps within the architecture of your business.

What I’ve learned over the last 25 years is that the essential pillars in your business create the foundation every successful business requires.

Once you understand the building blocks of this ecosystem you’ll become more confident as the CEO of your business, be clear on the areas to focus, know your next steps and when you don’t, you’ll be skilled and resourced to find them.

You’ll no longer feel like you’re throwing spaghetti on the walls, wasting money and energy looking for quick fix solutions and instead spend your time doing what you love, serving more people.

If you’re struggling to figure out what’s next… here are the pillars and the road map.

(1) First, you need a solid vision, concrete customized plan, a planning system and method to keep YOU, the CEO, in the driver’s seat. (The Business of YOU: The DDA Method)

(2) Next up is to know your numbers, create your revenue map and clear your money blocks
to reach your next level of financial independence. (Money)

(3) Then it’s time to lay down your operations and start building your team – even if you’re a solopreneur so you’re making the greatest impact with your time and energy. (Operations & Team)

(4) Then clearly identify your ideal clients and design offers that actually solve their problems, giving them the transformation they desire. (People, Products & Services)

(5) Craft a clear brand and message so you’re positioned to communicate and attract your ideal customers. (Brand & Message)

(6) Then get out there and share your magic with smart, aligned marketing so you become a magnet for those you’re meant to serve. (Marketing & Sales)

How do you do all that? I know a way! If you want to learn more reach out to me at leah@leahgoard.com

Here’s to building your business so that you can get back to making a greater impact doing what you love!