Here it is! Your 90 Day Reflection & Road Map Template {Plus more resources}

Every year when fall rolls in, there’s a soothing calm that washes over me as I anchor deeper into routines and rituals.

But this year, I feel different. Restless…

Maybe you feel it too?

When you’re on the cusp of expansion, what often rises is a deep friction between the old ways and the new.

Things that don’t work anymore break, outdated stories show up, decisions requiring attention come to the surface and overwhelm can quickly set in.

Yet, amidst the tension is a huge opportunity for growth if you slow down, reflect, simplify and create the space for what’s yours, waiting on the horizon.

So, as you lean into this last quarter of 2021, here are some great resources, workshops and offers to help you step out of the friction and into action so you create more of what you really want as you wrap this year.

(1) Start with {FREE} 
Your 90 Day Reflection and Road Map. Use this great workbook to gain insights and focus.

(2) Take the {FREE} The Business of YOU Workshop. I’m still receiving positive feedback from this workshop because crafting Your Personal Game Changing Question is one of the fastest ways to transform the way you run your business and live your life.

(3) Dive into the {FREE} The Entrepreneurs’ Money Story Workshop The greatest thing standing between you and your financial independence is your money stories. If money is your focus this fall, don’t miss this!

(4) Check out The DDA Business Academy. Enrollment is open with special bonuses until October 24th! This is for you if you’re done struggling on your own and want a high level of strategic coaching, accountability and training. This is a very unique, intimate mastermind experience designed to help you step into your CEO role, create and grow a thriving business.

As this new season unfolds, please remember that the restlessness and friction you may be feeling is a powerful messenger, a deep call to unveil the Knowing that resides within.

If you follow it, you’ll be in awe of what unfolds on the other side.

Now go dive into those resources!