You can absolutely reach your goals – you might just be missing this key step

The pressure seems to be mounting at light speed… because it’s not just the end of the year but the end of THE DECADE.

Some might find this relentless push to suck the last remaining drops out of the year… inspiring. 

I find it exhausting.

It fuels this undercurrent that where we are and who we are right now, is not enough.

So, I’m opting out of the madness and here’s your invitation to join me and unplug from anything that doesn’t feel good for you! 

Now, this doesn’t mean I’m not all for pursuing goals…
I’m about to share four I knocked out of the park this year and the one key thing that I did and you can do to reach your goals in 2020… there is just a profound difference in how we chase our dreams.

One is scarcity driven and the other one – that works, comes through rich, deep alignment.

So, after a tough year in 2018 with simply not enough living due to injuries, surgeries and struggles, my personal focus for 2019 was connection through shared experiences (and to get out of my house and the box I was stuck in).

Goal #1: A trip with my kiddo to the big apple
Goal #2: A vacation with my partner
Goal #3: A road trip with my Dad and sister
Goal #4: A trip to California on my own 

None of these seemed likely, all of them not possible 12 months ago and without going into all the details… all of them happened. 

In order for them to come to fruition, I had to wrangle and align my stories of what I believed to be possible.  

Stories like…
I don’t have the time.
I don’t have the financial resources.
I don’t know how. 
It’s too luxurious. 

You see the REAL POWER of  every goal you throw out in front of you, is that you create a direct invitation to shift the stories blocking your path and to choose to become the person you need to be in order for it to happen.

I decided I had the time, shifted my schedule, put systems in place and stretched myself in new ways to work smarter.  

I generated more revenue, received unexpected help from family, generous accommodations from friends and some wild universal support.

I mapped out each step, persevered when stuck and asked for help (like when it took me six anxiety ridden hours to book our flights to NYC). 

I re-framed this story I have about what is “too much” time off by focusing on the priceless connections and memories in the making. 


It’s not the goal you can’t reach. It’s the story you’re unaware of or the one you’re still dancing with.  

The missing step in setting goals is identifying the stories standing in the way of achieving them before you take that first step. 

So, as you start thinking about your 2020 goals, here are a few questions to consider asking yourself as you make the commitment.

What do I already know is going to get in the way of achieving this goal? 

What stories do I need to shift in order to make this happen?

Who do I need to be to rise to this benchmark?

What actions do will I need to implement (habits, changes in schedule, support, expertise)   

Is this goal in alignment with who I am and what I want? If yes, am I truly devoted to the journey of reaching it? 

Goals are powerful catalysts to create and experience more of what you want.   

I’m not saying it’s easy but it’s absolutely possible! 

Once you make the decision, the will universe conspire to make it happen. Your job is to trust and get down to doing the real work which includes really setting yourself up for success.

Here’s to wrapping this year on your terms and setting goals that stick.  


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