Becoming financially empowered is NOT about the money {FREE Money Road Map Template}

If you’re struggling to feel financially empowered, know your numbers, create systems and habits that keep you on track so you can make confident financial decisions… you’re not alone. Yet, the interesting thing is that most of the time it’s not really about the money. 

What’s stopping you from your next level of financial independence are your stories, fears, distractions, lack of commitment, time, focus, education, strategy and support. 

Which is why I created The Entrepreneurs’ Money Immersion. 
In just 7 weeks, completing 7 modules and implementing 7 templates you’ll step into a completely new empowered relationship with money and have the foundation to create financial independence. 

This mighty little program is a game-changer!  

This is not only the exact method I used to get out of bankruptcy, pay off debt and go on to triple my income…I continue to use it to move into new levels of financial freedom. 
I did the work and ultimately only a few short years later I am truly living the life I dreamt of. I have savings for the first time ever, I track my money and I now get to watch it grow! – Jamie Smith, Artist / CEO Thrive Art StudioThe DDA Money Course has been a game changer!  The templates and worksheets save a tonne of time – but it’s the ‘money story’ shifts that have made the biggest impact. Highly recommended. – Victoria Gazeley Web Designer and Online Strategist Frankly this course will change your life. I have transformed my relationship with money. I now understand how my stories were driving my behaviour. Leah gives you the techniques to transform your mindset and the tools to make it happen. – Cindy Stockdale, Energy Artist

By the time summer arrives you will: 

  • Have a new definition of financial success based on what truly matters to you so that you stop chasing someone else’s dream
  • Have shifted your money stories and released the shame, blame and blocks so you experience abundance and move forward with ease 
  • Be tracking your numbers so you can make smart, strategic financial decisions 
  • Have created a simplified money plan and designed a revenue map so you know your next powerful steps  
  • No longer be de-valuing yourself and your work and align your pricing so you generate more revenue with ease 
  • Have established money systems, habits, and rituals so you stay on track
  • Have new measurements of financial success so you’re experiencing a new level of confidence and abundance. (Which is how you become a magnet for what you truly desire.) 

The program includes: 

  • The DDA Money Course & Bonus Trainings (12 months access)
  • 7 x Workbooks, Templates and Tools (These are GOLD) 
  • 7 x 1 Hour (+ 30 mins Q+A) Live Workshops & Coaching (With replays) 
  • Private Community and The DDA Network 
  • Bonus: Money Workshop 

When you sign up you get immediate access to all the training so you can dive right in and the live sessions kick off on May 25th

You’ll be invited to ask questions and receive support through the live calls. 

AND, if you get stuck or have something confidential that you need some support with, you have direct access to me through email. 

You will not get lost in the crowd. 

When you say YES, show up and do the work you WILL be supported! 

Early Bird Investment: 3 x monthly payments of $150 OR $450 Paid in Full. (Save $150) 

P.S. Here is access to The DDA Monthly Money Road Map Template AND a short video that walks you through how to use the template. I guarantee if you even just implement this ONE template you’ll experience a shift in your money. 

The Entrepreneurs’ Money Immersion: Check it out.