Money and decision fatigue. Stuck or tired? This is for you {+ Sneak Peek Video}

Adults make a whopping average of 35,000 decisions a day.

No wonder we get overwhelmed and stuck sometimes!

Now, consider how many of those are directly or indirectly impacted by your relationship with money and your numbers.

You’re making a financial decision when you…

  • Eat pasta instead of steak
  • Change your software
  • Hire a team member
  • Turn up the heat in your house
  • Say YES to a meeting
  • Implement a system
  • Launch a program
  • Drink a glass of wine

And when it comes to your business…every single decision you make impacts your bottom line.

If you don’t have an empowered relationship with money, know your numbers, have a plan and a financial navigation system to support you to stay on track… decision making becomes incredibly difficult and often outright impossible.

Which is why we spend so much time spinning in indecision or making decisions that are completely out of alignment with what you really want!

But when you have a solid financial foundation… it’s a game-changer!

Making decisions gets easier, you save money, your business becomes more profitable and you feel confident!

Which is priceless.

The Entrepreneurs’ Money Immersion is NOT just a one off course.

It’s a proven method that will elevate the way you feel, think and take inspired action with your money.

It’s equal parts strategy and alignment.

If you’re struggling or stuck at the same financial ceiling and you want to live in abundance, make more money and create financial independence, the decision to do something different is inevitable.

Waiting to make that commitment to yourself is choosing to delay your freedom.

Here are three important things to know, if you’re feeling called to join but are unsure about the timing.

  • When you join, you’ll have 12 months access to the program, you’re invited to the big money workshop in September AND the next live session early 2023. (It’s like receiving two live programs for one.)

    So, if you miss something or are ready to expand into your next level of financial independence, you’re covered!
  • Full transparency – The investment for this program will increase in 2023.
  • Most importantly, if you show up and implement the strategies and tools, you’re going to feel completely different about your money by this summer and will be in a different place a year from now!

Here is your Behind the Scenes Video.

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> Speaking of where you could be a year from now, I recently shared Aleks’ incredible story and on Wednesday, May 18th @ 12:00 PM PST, we’re going live on IG to talk all things money and Mt. Everest.

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