How to take two full weeks off this fall

I recently posted a video on social where I share “How to Take Two Full Work Weeks OFF” before the end of the year to go on a holiday, finish writing that book or finally renovate that bathroom. 

The concept is straightforward. It’s basic math. Save 1 hour a day for 100 days and that roughly equals 2 work weeks.  

Sure it’s simple but it’s difficult or we would all be taking two week vacations every quarter or spending more time on the things we truly value.

It’s a bit of a flashier title than my usual statements because YOU BETCHA – I’m trying to get your attention for just long enough to help redirect your focus to what actually matters!

Here’s the truth. 

Lack of clarity, indecision and distractions are the three biggest things standing in your way.

It comes down to getting clear on what you want – like really want, anchoring yourself in your real priorities and the small, consistent yet powerful changes that you are actually willing to make. 

I’m not talking about hustling till you drop and creating benchmarks of success solely based on how much more you can get done…   

I’m talking about becoming so deeply aligned, invested and intentional about what you give your most precious assets – your time and attention to that will make things so much easier and joyful…. because that’s when you start to thrive.  

In just over a week on September 19th, I’m holding The {FREE} DDA Road Mapping Workshop

It’s a 90 minute interactive Road Mapping Workshop. We are going to quickly dive deep into the heart of what will have the greatest impact in your life and business this fall and then set aside or let go of the rest. 

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Don’t miss this. 

PS: You can check out that VIDEO HERE. I actually go on to suggest that you’ll be so deeply inspired that you’ll end up with 200 hours in your pocket to spend 🙂