Your Next Level of Financial Freedom

I’ve gone back to the drawing board and have been diving deeper into what financial freedom really means for me.

A lot has changed in my life and there’s more on the horizon as this summer my beautiful, smart kid heads off to university and a new adventure will unfold for both of us.

Like many, over this last year I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on what truly matters.

This season has been a huge invitation for all of us…to take stock of your life, how present you are, where you’re spending your time and the work you’re doing.

As you emerge, the depth of clarity that you hold will have a big impact on what you choose to leave behind and what you will carry forward and focus on.

And the truth is, whether you like it or not, money will play a role in your choices, actions and experience.

Last week, for the first time, the doors opened to The Entrepreneurs’ Money Immersion.

I’m deeply passionate about this program and topic because my struggle with money impacted the most important things in my life for way too long!

The times that I wasn’t fully present with my son due to the stress and distractions of my circumstances.

The hours I worked that I didn’t have too, had I just raised my rates and set better boundaries.

The sleepless nights and the missed opportunities for joy, growth and expansion that I wasn’t available to experience.

I’m curious, what the next level of financial freedom is for you?

Maybe it’s…

  • Being free and clear of the relentless pressure of debt
  • The confidence to quit your day job and pursue your passion
  • Paying for your kid’s university
  • Retirement savings
  • Working less and only working with clients you love
  • Taking two months off next year
  • Buying THAT pair of shoes or boat

The beautiful thing is that you get to decide, but until you do, you’ll spend your life chasing someone else’s dream!

If you’re ready to…

  • Define financial success on your terms so that you stay fiercely focused on what matters to YOU
  • Shift your money stories and release the shame, blame and blocks so you experience abundance and move forward with ease
  • Know and track your numbers so you can make smart, strategic financial decisions with confidence
  • Create a simplified money plan and design a revenue map so you know your next strategically, aligned steps to take
  • No longer de-value yourself and your work and change your pricing in true alignment with your deliverables so that you finally create more revenue with ease
  • Establish money systems, habits, and rituals so you stay on track
  • Create new measurements of financial success so that you experience a new level of abundance immediately and become a magnet for more money

I highly recommend that you consider joining us!

It’s sometimes difficult to really understand what you’re signing up for, so to give you really clear idea of what’s included here is a BEHIND THE SCENES video that gives you a sneak peek into the program!


If you have any questions, hit reply to this email!

To your financial independence and expanded vision!



And if you want to experience part of the program and you missed The Free Money Story Workshop, here is DIRECT ACCESS to the replay.