Permission to pause, grieve and redefine success

I’ve been thinking about you and deeply contemplating how I can show up and serve you – my community, clients and loved ones in the best possible way. 

I got stuck for a few days on what would be the right thing to say and offer then I started receiving notes from those who are finding some relief, clarity and their next steps using The DDA Method.

Timely reminders for me to simply continue to do what I’ve done for over a decade – share resources and tools to support you to step deeper into being the driving force in your life, work, business and community to create sustainability and thrive. 

In a strange way, it’s as if the whole world is being called to do just that… 

To take stock of what matters the most.
To redefine success on your terms.  
To let go of what no longer serves you. 
To make and implement smart, strategies that move you forward. 
To create systems to support you.
To learn how to ask for, receive and give support. 
To devote yourself to the practices that return you to being centered, empowered and open.
To find your voice to share your gifts in the world. 

I want to be clear that there is no sugar coating the uncertainty, pain and fear that we are experiencing and will in the coming months. 

You’re being asked to look at areas in your life and business that have been out of alignment or now may need to change.  

You’re going to dance with stories and beliefs that will come to the surface to be healed. 

You’re being invited to very quickly take imperfect actions and do some things very differently.  

I often say that denial keeps you stuck and acceptance gives you the power to change.

It is true and in order to cross this bridge it is essential to pause in the unknown, take time to be still, honour the loss and grieve…
the plans you had in place, the changes in the life and business you’ve worked so hard to build, the consequences and the inevitable evolution that is here now. 

Then with every moment, decision and tiny aligned, action going forward –  you’ll have the power to transcend this time by choosing how you show up and your experience and grow.  

You’re going to build your capacity and trust in yourself on a whole new level and harness the depth of power within to navigate this new season ahead.

And you’re going to learn how brave, innovative, smart, loving and resilient you really are. 

Below is a short list of resources to implement now. I will be holding a free workshop soon – details out shortly. And if you are really struggling to figure out your next steps personally or in business and I can be of help or you want to say hello – hit reply to this email. I’m here and I’d love to know how you’re doing.   

Finally, last week I received a loving text from a friend. She made the comment about how productive I must be at this time.

It made me smile as I was sitting outside with Merlin in the sunshine giving myself a high five for the fact that I’d made and ate some soup, which on that particular day was literally all I could do that day. Get in the sunshine, eat and breathe. 

Please give yourself permission to redefine what success is on a daily basis. The most productive thing you can do right now may be to slow down, go for a walk, unplug and adjust your expectations so you can gain clarity and anchor yourself in what truly matters the most.  


THE DDA GUIDE TO JOURNALING – One of the MOST important things you can do each day right now is to tune into what you need and get clear on what success looks like and feels like for you for each day. 
THE EXPANSION METHOD FOR DECISION MAKING – You will be asked to make several really important decisions at this time and it’s easy feel paralyzed with decision fatigue. Use this very simply method to help you make decisions a lot easier. 

EFT TAPPING TO FEEL CALM AND CENTERE(during the Coronavirus) with Stephanie Wood. I am a HUGE advocate for EFT Tapping and Stephanie my go-to resource for using this technique. She has been offering regular tapping to help with anxiety and fear so sign up for one of the live sessions or catch the replay. This is GOLD. 

MEDITATION FOR CENTERING with the wise and loving Jill Prescott. This is a beautiful call to ground yourself.