The Unspoken Dread of Summer

When I was 15 years old and for many years to follow I really struggled with my body image and self esteem. 

Thanks to my amazing Dad, I was truly privileged to spend my teenage summers riding horses and mucking around at the barn. For this I am forever grateful. 

And as lucky as I was, the thought of summer on the horizon always came with a deep sense of dread because even though I had sunshine, trail rides and dips in the pool waiting for me, all I could do was think about how I would look in my bathing suit.  

Over the years, that fear of being seen and the alternative ways I found acceptance and value in who I was took on many forms. I became a high functioning workaholic which served me really well because when it came to summertime, I completely avoided wearing that bathing suit because I was too busy working with never enough time to even show up at the beach.  

Consequently, I missed out. 

I missed out on meaningful connections, doing things that would have fueled my confidence, a whole lot of fun and the inner freedom I so deeply craved.

All because of the stories that I believed to be true. 

Summertime fun doesn’t come naturally to me. And even now I still have pay very close attention to my stories and be really proactive in the plans I’m making. 

Last summer didn’t turn out the way I had wanted and I allowed myself to fall back into the pattern of working too much. So this past January, I got very clear about the experience I wanted this year and made some non-negotiable commitments. This summer I will be travelling and taking more time off than I have EVER. 

Did I go head to head with my money, time and value stories? ABSOLUTELY
Did I do some major schedule wrangling and set new boundaries? YES 
Does it make me really uncomfortable? TOTALLY
Do I have lots of resistance nailing down details like ferries and flights? DAILY

And is it quite possibly going to be the best summer of my life? YOU BETCHA

I’m sharing this with you because I know there’s an experience you’re missing out on because there’s a story you have that’s no longer serving you. We ALL have them! 

And there’s a way to change them so they become the catalyst for experiencing whatever it is that you yearn for.

This is your FINAL INVITATION to join me on June 21st for a free, powerful 90 minute workshop. I’m going to share with you The DDA SHIFT METHOD and walk you through how to change your stories.  There are NO STRINGS ATTACHED. NO SALES PITCH. And NO REASON NOT TO JOIN. Seriously.

If you can’t make it to the live session, there’s a replay. 

If you have any questions, email me at 

I truly hope you’ll JOIN US!