birthday thoughts & payoffs


The benefits of staying exactly where you are… Today is my 40th birthday. I rarely highlight my birthday but this year something feels significantly different. Maybe it’s because I can honestly share that in the last 12 months, I truly surrendered and pushed through the hardest, greatest lessons in my life.  I am simply not
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if you can have it now…what are you waiting for?


Are you tired of paddling upstream alone? I know you want freedom, abundance, momentum and results! Here’s the truth – if you try to do it alone, you will not reach your full potential. Your journey will take you longer, it will be harder and you will spend more energy and money venturing down paths
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FUSE “work party” – who doesn’t need a day dedicated entirely to their business?


the most overlooked time management tool


What do we have in common… a deep desire for more time!    Let’s call her Sara… Sara had four sisters and her role within her family’s dramatic, dynamic was the nurturer, facilitator and mediator. A mom of two boys, wife and a small business owner, exhausted, unfocused and looking for change. We peeled back
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shared inspiration: viki pauls


The words that come to me when I think of Viki Pauls are “dedicated and loving mom, amazing artist, savvy entrepreneur and YUM!” I, like all of her clients are in complete awe of what Viki creates using her baking genius and a few basic ingredients through her company Cheeky Monkey Cakes. Viki’s passion started
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are you missing opportunities and your low hanging fruit?


Most of us know the saying “the path of least resistance” yet we tend to gravitate towards choosing the difficult, complex and often painful path and believe that struggle is a necessity.   What if this is simply not true?     Have you ever experienced something coming to you with such ease that it’s
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shared inspiration: elizabeth candlish


Elizabeth Candlish is a true healer. Through her personal journey, her extensive training and unmistakeable intuition, she has helped hundreds of people release pain and find true joy on so many levels. Elizabeth is a certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Intuitive Healer and Heal Your Life Mentor. She has developed a unique and highly effective healing method
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my bodacious interview


I recently came across this transcript of Lorna Ketler  of Bodacious Lifestyles Inc., interviewing me on bodacious living. What does Bodacious mean to you? “Bodacious” is a core feeling inside and an approach to life.  It’s vibrant, fearless and authentic.  A complete acceptance and belief in myself as I boldly pursue my dreams. Favorite part of your
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what does it take to truly thrive in your life & business?

Mature woman beach

After attending the Wisdom 2.0 Conference with 1500 people who are in hot pursuit of thriving in business and life and exploring how to cultivate mindfulness from the crib to the board room,  I am even more inspired to share my observations of what it truly takes to thrive. To “thrive” is an experience, a
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shared inspiration: erin whalen

Erin Whalen Border

Erin Whalen is one of those women who’s presence is unmistakeable. You feel the magnitude of her energy when she walks into the room. She is a goddess in the art of language and one of the most talented writers I’ve met. At heart, she is a courageous and loving mom and partner, intensely creative
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