landing & launching…here’s what to have in place when plans go awry + your template


The flu, snow days, a puppy, technical glitches & plans gone awry… January – with my plans in place, I launched two  programs, hired support, hopped on my “get healthier” kick, hosted two important personal events & took the first holiday with my son & family in 20 years. February – arrived home to the
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three super valuable ways to start your year + your annual review template


2014 is here. And it’s not too late to take a moment to tap into three really valuable things you can do to start your New Year in alignment. 1. Give yourself permission to want what you want & change your story to make it happen! Everything you think about yourself & what is possible,
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the bridge, ditching “realistic” goals & gratitude


The bridge between completion & new beginnings, the mundane & the extraordinary,  your now & your potential… It’s without fail, during the week between Christmas & the New Year, I pendulum swing between resistance to the unfinished business of the past, grande visions of the future & just about everything in between. I used to
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redefine your priorities & change your experience


Happy Holiday Season!  It’s December… that time of year when routines can take a sharp chaotic turn & priorities get pushed out into the cold.  Holiday commitments, dance recitals & year-end work deadlines can leave you feeling frazzled & exhausted when all that you truly desire is the opportunity to bring the year to a
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the #1 most valued principle… it’s all about the shoes!

change your position quote

The #1 most valued takeaway from the feedback I have received from the 2013 Soul & Strategy Retreat was about a very powerful principle & if you embrace it, you will dramatically change your results. Whether you are the master of your home, sell rugs out of the back of your VW or are a
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three $ numbers you need to know now


why are you working so hard… really? Let’s say you spend somewhere between 30 to 70 hours a week working, traveling for work & thinking about it.    And let’s assume that one of the primary reasons you work, whether as an employee or business owner, is to earn money. Money to give you options, security,
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what pink underwear, shiny floors & fairy dust have to do with feeling great & your bottom line?


Environments that influence… I’m feeling rejuvenated & inspired after five days with my son in the “big city” of Vancouver. Granville Island, Robson Street, the library, Fly Over Canada, family & friends & a marathon 11 hours of fun at Playland. As our vacation unfolded, I noticed something that really struck me while engulfed in glitter
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the #1 free time management tool that will help you get more stuff done!

2012-08-27 13.28.26

Time blocking will dramatically increase your focus, productivity & give you more freedom… The most productive people I know use some form of time blocking. Whether you’re a business owner, employee or the CEO of your life, it’s a valuable tool for anyone who wants more out of their minutes. It’s easy to set up,
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want different results?

Soul & Strategy Retreat

short & sweet & to the point… If you want to change your results then you must do something different!   get up earlier stop listening to the voice that says you can’t  put on a different pair of glasses do a 180 say “no thank you” create a plan get out of your head &
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birthday thoughts & payoffs


The benefits of staying exactly where you are… Today is my 40th birthday. I rarely highlight my birthday but this year something feels significantly different. Maybe it’s because I can honestly share that in the last 12 months, I truly surrendered and pushed through the hardest, greatest lessons in my life.  I am simply not
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