Feeling behind with never enough time? Read this!


Are your days a blur and life bulging at the seams? I get it!  As a recovering “busy addict”, I know all about the B word. Busy allowed me to not have boundaries, to live swirling in my head with permission to run faster on my treadmill, even when my knees were buckling. We are
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Happy New Year + where I totally dropped the ball in 2014!

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Well, it’s here… HAPPY NEW YEAR!   This holiday, I’ve stayed mostly unplugged to focus on my family, do my own review + re-connect with what rocks my world. I thought I’d send a note + share my greatest lesson learned (or more like re-learned) + how I’m setting myself up to do some things
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BREATHE over the holidays + THRIVE in the NEW YEAR! Don’t miss this!

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Tis the season that life is full wrapping things up + getting organized for the holidays, so I’ll make this short + sweet…  During this time of year, it’s easy to miss out on  two really important things.    Reflection, celebration + closure AND dancing with your desires + creating a road map for the New
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Is doing what you SHOULD crushing your MOJO?


Today, I want to write + connect with you! Recently, I find myself craving the chance to write…. even though I know I should be doing something else.  I want to write about your WANTS, DESIRES + what YOUR soul CRAVES… As 2014 wraps, many conversations with clients + friends are shifting focus to the
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the best list you will ever make…


It’s nearing the end of September already and you might be full swing into the fall or just getting the kids back to school. Before you jump into writing your millionth list of things TO DO please take a moment to consider this…   There’s a very good chance that it’s not what you need to
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falling back into routines + rhythms….


After a carefree summer, fall is often the time when we move indoors, turn inside and see the end of year is in sight. And it’s the perfect time to check in, revisit your plans, clear your path and lean into a rhythm that supports flow and ease. I love fall here on the Sunshine
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you are the only one who has the power to change your story


When you are in the kind of business that I am in …. the truth is, sometimes you get a wee bit tired of hearing, seeing + reading this kind of stuff all the time. I grew up in a family of therapists + started reading “self help” books + naval gazing (as my dad calls
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women changing the world + how you can too!


Do you ever get the burning feeling that you want to DO SOMETHING to contribute to the world? I’ve had it for a very long time + I am extremely grateful for the divine timing that introduced me to three exceptional women on an incredible mission to help young women around the world. Meet Passion
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sustainable is SEXY!


“GO BIG OR GO HOME” We’ve all heard it. And there is a good chance you’ve bought into it on some level at some point in time. We all have. As awesome as this sounds, when you are creating a life + building a business to thrive, nurture your family + soul… it doesn’t work.
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speakers announced for soul + strategy evening of insight + inspiration


I am truly excited to introduce you to three amazing women who will be sharing their insights + inspiration during the evening event at SOUL + STRATEGY LIVE. Elena Verlee is a passionate communicator who works with start-ups to billion dollar technology companies. She shares practical publicity tips at her award-winning blog PR in Your
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