Denise Rochon, ND


Naturopathic Doctor I am very grateful to have had the opportunity and privilege to find Leah at the specific time when I was ready to manifest my vision. I needed help and tools to create the foundation that I was yearning for in my life and business. Very quickly after…
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Nicole Keleher


Serial Entrepreneur & Savvy Business Woman Leah and I have worked together for 3 years.  I came across Leah in an online course we were both enrolled in and was immediately drawn to her style and  personality. At the time I had been considering the need for a coach and…
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Charlene SanJenko


Social Entrepreneur, Publisher, Author & Leadership Expert I’ve had the opportunity of working with Leah in numerous various ways throughout the past decade. We are like the black and white keys on a piano — we complement each other.  We make music! I greatly admire and appreciate Leah’s ability as…
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Victoria Maxwell


Speaker, Actor, Courage & Creativity Catalyst To set the stage, it would be good for you to know that I was initially probably one of Leah’s toughest clients. I knew about her business services for four years before I was willing to work with her. I don’t part with my…
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Amber Stoby


Chocolate Master, Closeted Comedian “Maybe I can change, if only I take the time to figure out what I want to change into.” — a quote from my journal about four months before being gifted Leah’s Soul and Strategy program. This happened at a time when I was desperate for a…
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Erin Whalen


Sword-Fighting Online Content Maven & Copywriter I started working with Leah about six months after I launched my own business. At the time, I was feeling totally overwhelmed. I had no systems and was completely disorganized. I was working seven days a week but still felt like I wasn’t making…
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Wendy Weir


Mindfulness Catalyst, Libre Tea Creator, Star Wrangler Before I tell you about Leah and her dramatic influence in my life and on my business, you must know a couple things about me: I hate planning, I’m not organized, and my favourite activity is to leap into the next adventure. And I…
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Tanis Frame


Thrive Catalyst, Play Evangelist, Eco-Mama When I first started working with Leah I was at a place of transition in my career and life. Through my work with Leah I was able to gain deep clarity on what I truly wanted to be doing both in my work and life….
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Lorraine Caple


Landscape Designer, Team Wrangler, Motorcyclist “When I started working with Leah a year and a half ago I knew my business had so much potential and I knew I needed support to take it to the next level. I was working long hours and not making enough money to pay all my…
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Marlene Lowden


Artist, Creative Instigator, Author & Yogi Before I started working with Leah, I was fumbling around. I had a dream of living as an artist and serving my community by offering art & yoga workshops but I wasn’t sure where to begin. I was especially unclear of how I would…
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