Hello Wise Warrior,   In the summer of 2015, I hit what I now refer to as my mid-life crisis – like a fly hits a window.   WHAM.   Big unexpected changes tend to happen in a chaotic, flurry but when you stop trying to outrun them or let go instead of being dragged
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Happy New Year and hello expectations and overwhelm…

Happy New Year Wise Warrior,     I hope you deeply enjoyed your holiday experience! The New Year is here and let’s be honest – you may or may not be quite so ready for it.   As a girl who loves dancing with visions and possibility and totally digs mapping out plans to make things
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your 2016 annual reflection + celebration workbook

Now is the time to gain insight from the year gone by, bring a deep sense of completion and clear your path before the New Year begins!   Download your 2015 ANNUAL REFLECTION + CELEBRATION WORKBOOK,  curl up with a cup of tea and answer these simple and powerful questions to make it easy and
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this one thing is truly a game changer and will help you feel centered + empowered every day!


Most of us want more time, a greater capacity to be fully present and a whole lot less hurry and distraction in our lives. So, today I want to bring your attention to something that will make a profound difference in your focus, energy and how you feel as you navigate your full fall schedule
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transparency, vulnerability + radical responsibility sucks!


Welcome to fall… I hope you are enjoying September’s new rhythm! I know it can take a while to get into the flow. I wrote a lot over the summer, but as you may or may not have noticed … I didn’t publish any of it. There are spoken and unspoken rules many of us
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play in the wild, colour outside the lines … what do YOU want this summer? {free e-book + template inside}


Seasons tend to roll into each other and now summer is here.  This last weekend I stepped out of my comfort zone and into the wild to play, connect, dance and let go with 18 incredible women under the loving guidance of Tanis Frame at her Mama Gone Coastal Retreat. Truth: I didn’t want to go.
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Ready to reflect + gain insight from the year so far? {LOVE THIS MID-YEAR REVIEW TEMPLATE – INSIDE}


 WOW we are almost half way through the year already!  Whether you are wrapping up the end of the school year or prepping projects and work so you can take some time off this summer – at this time of year, it’s easy to miss out on doing one very important thing!   And that’s
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feeling the weight of unfinished business? read this.

unfinished business

June can be a time when the weight of unfinished business from the first six months of the year can start to pile up… The commitments you’ve made – overlapping Emails and newsletters you subscribed to – jamming your inbox The closet that needs organizing – overflowing The plan you never nailed down – still pending
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the simplest way to create change


 If you want a different experience and results then you have to do something different…  Yes, you’ve heard it before. It’s one of life’s simplest equations. Like saying 1 + 1 = 2. But the truth is that the best solutions are the simple ones. The most profound things in life are the smallest. And
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Spring tantrums + the magic in radical decisions that come in small packages

seedling square

 Expansion * Friction * Growth   Spring is that time of year when the sun starts to shine on the seeds that were planted; new ideas, stories and ways of being in the world crave breathing space. Working so hard to emerge through the thawing ground, there’s tension between the old and new.  You may find
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